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Beyond the Numbers - A fireside chat with Pathful's CFO Ed Rayner & SVP Ops Mark Fry

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"The role of a CFO is being a counterpoint to the CEO... it's more than finance, you're a Thought Partner."

- Ed Rayner | Chief Financial Officer


Themes From The Success Story

M&A Created Overnight Hypergrowth

Pathful was born out of the successful merger of two industry-leading education technology companies. Mark Fry stated that it felt like the team went from having everything institutionalized to only knowing about half of the processes in an instant. The question became: How can our systems help us institutionalize our new company's processes?

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Proven Systems Can Institutionalize Your Processes.

RevOps needs the ability to identify, develop, and execute on strategies that help high-growth organizations scale. That's why Ed and Mark chose Salesforce for CRM and CPQ, Oracle NetSuite for ERP and revenue recognition, and Boomi for the integration platform. Making use of these industry-leading platforms helped them shorten their time-to-value and spend less time customizing solutions to fit their needs. 

Choosing One Accountable Partner

Mark and Ed were both part of implementations of Salesforce and NetSuite at other companies. They acknowledged that technology partners are typically experts in either one or the other platform which creates the feeling internally like you're running two projects at once. That's why they chose Plative: One partner across CRM and ERP. Together with Mark and Ed, our team was able to achieve go-live across Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ, and Oracle NetSuite on-time and on-budget. 

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Data Excellence Drives Outcomes

So... what's life like today for Ed and Mark? As Mark puts it... now that Salesforce and NetSuite are sharing data and capable of cross-cloud reporting, the finance and operations teams are able to spend less time manually creating and generating reports, and a lot more time making strategic decisions based on the outputs of those reports. 

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