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Driving Dealmaking in Salesforce with A.I. Hosted by Affinity and Plative

Join Data + AI experts from Plative and Salesforce for a practical and hands-on overview of how Customer Success and Professional Services teams can get the most out of AI and analytics to gather real-time customer sentiment, early warning systems to predict churn, and have full conversations with their data using incredibly powerful generative AI integrated with Salesforce and Tableau.

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Account Based Marketing Workshop

Join Marketing Cloud experts at Plative as we dive into why clients are leveraging an account based marketing strategy to create value. We will cover how companies and organizations are using Account Engagement (Formerly Pardot) and CRM Analytics as a one-two punch to execute and track their account-based marketing efforts!



Beyond the Numbers - A fireside chat with Pathful's CFO Ed Rayner & SVP Ops Mark Fry

Plative is thrilled to bring you this exciting fire-side chat with seasoned CFO Ed Rayner who has been on fire the past couple of years having managed multiple innovative tech companies. He's joined by Mark Fry, the Senior Vice President of Operations at Pathful, who has been by his side in their journey to develop the company's internal tech stack.  

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Digital Trends in Wealth Management Roundtable Hosted by Salesforce and Plative

Join us as we discuss how technology can streamline the client onboarding and retention process, how to enable managers to do more with less, and how to turn your firm’s technology innovation dreams into a reality.


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Next Service Field Services Workshop

Join Jake Bosben from Plative and Ben Castles from Next Service where they will discuss the current landscape of Field Service Management and the impact of NetSuite and Next Service working together. During this webinar, you’ll see an in-depth walk-through demonstration of the Next Service platform, the #1 Field Service Management choice for NetSuite customers, and have the opportunity to ask questions of the Plative and Next Service team.

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Driving Dealmaking in Salesforce with A.I. Hosted by Affinity and Plative

Learn the latest on Financial Services Technology. In this session, our industry expert George Shalhoub will reveal the top ways financial services firms are using Affinity for Salesforce’s AI and automation to drive more deals. We are joined by Affinity’s Director of Product Management Brook Lane to talk about how their features will be able solve many of the industry struggles. 

AI & Automation for Financial Services Firms

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